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Happy Halloween!!! Ghost Feet Print Cards



Love these! If you have little ones, they’ll love it too! What types of Halloween cards are you working on?

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Craft Show sneak peek :)


T shirt scarves!!!!!!

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Jewish Apple Cake!!!

One of my favorite things to make 🙂 this is for a apple pie contest for the “whatever” category. Wish me luck!! I’ll post the results tomorrow.



Go big or…

I made a BIG flower bib necklace 🙂 Well, really big for me 🙂 I love it though & I don’t even feel it on! It’s super soft & really light. But my Facebook feedback says scale it down, experiment with more colors & use a leather cord.  I’m so glad I get to make & experiment with more! Thanks everyone for their suggestions & I’ll be sure to post more pics soon.

I’d love to hear more ideas, so suggest away!








A New Creative Cafe

“NutMeg Cafe” Creativity in a Nutshell.  This is going to be fun 🙂

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