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Cork Board Holiday Gift

on December 17, 2013




Good Morning! Tis the season for DIY gift making 🙂 I loved making this & I’m out of corks to make a new one!! My parents friends save corks for me so I can make fun stuff like this.  Cheers to them!! This was for our yearly Craft Pollyanna.  I was happy to make this for my crafty Pollyanna who is a grandmother & will have a fun place to show off all of her grandchildrens pictures.  The buttons were hot glued on to flat push pins for an added crafty touch to this.  The long gold pin was from a yard sale that had lots of fun vintage items so I had to grab them up! They work really well with my rosette Christmas trees too.  I’ll add pics of those next.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! What DIY gifts are you making? 🙂


4 responses to “Cork Board Holiday Gift

  1. Bpark says:

    Can you share more details of the cork project, it looks great. Is this a picture frame and you hot glued the corks or what was the process? Thanks for sharing!

    • megk622 says:

      Hi! Yes! Lots of hot glue was used in the making of this 🙂 Everything on this frame I had on hand. I’ve had this frame & it fit the corks (almost) perfectly. I had to cut down some on the ends to make them fit within the frame. So a hot glue gun,tons of fun corks from my parents happy hours, old buttons & some flat head pins made this into a project of ❤️!

      • Bpark says:

        Thanks so much, now I know what I’m doing this weekend!! Did you glue directly to the glass in the frame?

      • megk622 says:

        Ooh, good question! New to blogging, so I’m learning my “steps” chops lol. Not on the glass, but I was lucky enough this frame, which I believe was 11×14, had a really sturdy back, not cardboard, but a good solid back. I secured it really well & glued it to the sturdy board. So something to look for when doing this that I would recommend is something that can take the weight of these glued on it. Maybe someday I’ll try cardboard, but for now I used this. Good luck with yours & post pics!!

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