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Moroccan Chicken Stew

Every winter I make this dish

I love it! This is a great base recipe for however you want to prepare it. I used chicken thighs & added a potato too. I’m sure it can be a vegan dish if you add tofu or more veggies to it. I think I want to try it that way too.

I found a can of Wegman’s garbanzo beans that were prepared in Indian Spices & tomato sauce and I really think that added an extra kick to the flavor. I also sauteed the chicken longer for around 20 minutes in the pan & about 20 minutes in the pot with all of the ingredients. I like cooking it longer to simmer the flavors better together & the chicken turns out great & falls off the bone nicer 🙂 I paired it with brown rice this time too. Cous cous or quinoa are great subs as well with this stew.

This is a really good comfort food dish that was really needed last night. I hope you get to enjoy this soon too & I’d love to know how you personalized it for you!







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