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March is National Craft Month!


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DIY Charms

I want to start making these again.  My small stamps are lonely.

I loved making this one! & this is a fun one for Valentines Day coming up

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Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! what’s on your craft/diy table?


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Philly Home Show

Hi! I have been neglecting this poor blog :-/ I am finally getting good energy back & I am looking forward to blogging more frequently now 🙂 ESPECIALLY since I got a great opportunity last weekend to go to the Philadelphia Home Show through the lovely ladies of The Painted Home ( & Eclectically Vintage ( I had so much fun! I brought my good friend Inge who is a crafter/designer as well & we got to meet lots of other fun blogger ladies! Denise of The Painted Home had a fabulous set up with a Vintage Camper! I NEED one now ASAP! (scrolling craigslist all day everyday now, hehe) She turned a 40+ year old camper into a brand new Mom Cave. You can now even rent it! Details are on her website. There were yummy cocktails & a lounge area with Adirondack chairs made from recycled milk jugs from I’m looking into more info to have them in my backyard now 🙂 Thank you so much Denise & Kelly for the great networking night & I loved meeting everyone!!!
My other favorite Home Show set up was at the Habitat Restore area. They had a contest with different DIY’ers to take a door & upcycle it into something completely different & functional! I’ve attached those pics below as well. I love Denise’s with the screen door! What a great way to finally have a fun display for your jewelry & other accessories!
Have fun scrolling through all of the pics & I’ll be adding more details throughout the day. I just wanted to upload as soon as I could today & blog as I can throughout the day.
I hope everyone is having a great January. Mine has been kind of foggy, hehe. Winter has a way of kicking me in the butt. I’m determined to get my energy back & get some fun new things accomplished soon & to blog away!!! Thanks for joining me here. I have so many ideas, please stick around & join me in some fun Nutmeg Cafe adventures. Have a great day!!!













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Happy 2014!!

How was your New Year’s? Mine was not so good, but at least I was home w/ my family 🙂
Well, here’s my first shot of the year. We had an overnight snow storm that shut down most businesses & all schools. Lizzie & I will brave the cold later to hop around in it later.
Wherever you are hope you are well & had a fab holiday season! So excited to grow this page more & more in 2014. Stay tuned for lots of new posts soon!!


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Merry Christmas!!

Well, not as big & fancy as other bloggers I follow, but not bad for my first year set up 🙂 thx mom & dad for the tree & lights ✨. Hope everyone is having a Great Holiday & staying warm (22 here, brrrr)!!!! here’s to new inspirations, creativity & awesome family time 🙂 Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!!🎄✨😊


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m searching for an apple crisp recipe for tomorrow & I found these:


This one looks awesome:

but I’ll stick with the first one.  We’ll see. Is there a favorite you would like to share? 🙂

Have a great Holiday!!!

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Word to live by…



I had a crazy day yesterday, morning noon & night.  I was reminded many times how important this word is.  I had to pair it with this pic I took in the Outer Banks this past summer & wanted to share it.  Next week I’m starting a new feature called One Word Wednesday.  What words speak to you so simply but right to the point?

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More Fall Fun 🍁


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A Different Oatmeal

Yesterday I thought I would be going to Starbucks and spending money I don’t really have to spend & buying my usual coffee & whatever pastry appealed to me. I ended up not going and making this oatmeal. I like DIY oatmeal combos now more than ever : ) It lasts longer and is more satisfying with my own flavors. I did something new to me. I added leftover sweet potatoes (baked w/ butter & brown sugar) w/ dried cranberries. Yummy! What are some of your favorite combos? I’ll try them too!!


Side note: it was an unfortunate incident that stopped me from going. Glad all is well now, but hope to meet up with the lovely lady I was suppose to meet up with soon 🙂