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Cork Board Holiday Gift




Good Morning! Tis the season for DIY gift making 🙂 I loved making this & I’m out of corks to make a new one!! My parents friends save corks for me so I can make fun stuff like this.  Cheers to them!! This was for our yearly Craft Pollyanna.  I was happy to make this for my crafty Pollyanna who is a grandmother & will have a fun place to show off all of her grandchildrens pictures.  The buttons were hot glued on to flat push pins for an added crafty touch to this.  The long gold pin was from a yard sale that had lots of fun vintage items so I had to grab them up! They work really well with my rosette Christmas trees too.  I’ll add pics of those next.  I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! What DIY gifts are you making? 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m searching for an apple crisp recipe for tomorrow & I found these:


This one looks awesome:

but I’ll stick with the first one.  We’ll see. Is there a favorite you would like to share? 🙂

Have a great Holiday!!!

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Word to live by…



I had a crazy day yesterday, morning noon & night.  I was reminded many times how important this word is.  I had to pair it with this pic I took in the Outer Banks this past summer & wanted to share it.  Next week I’m starting a new feature called One Word Wednesday.  What words speak to you so simply but right to the point?

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More Fall Fun 🍁


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A Different Oatmeal

Yesterday I thought I would be going to Starbucks and spending money I don’t really have to spend & buying my usual coffee & whatever pastry appealed to me. I ended up not going and making this oatmeal. I like DIY oatmeal combos now more than ever : ) It lasts longer and is more satisfying with my own flavors. I did something new to me. I added leftover sweet potatoes (baked w/ butter & brown sugar) w/ dried cranberries. Yummy! What are some of your favorite combos? I’ll try them too!!


Side note: it was an unfortunate incident that stopped me from going. Glad all is well now, but hope to meet up with the lovely lady I was suppose to meet up with soon 🙂



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T-Shirt Scarves!

I love these! Super light, yet super warm 🙂 Come buy some from me so I can make more!! 😄 posting these on etsy soon & I’m also offering classes so you can make these w/ your girlfriends 🙂 Grab your old t-shirts & some girlfriends & let make these together.




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Happy Monday


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Happy Halloween!!! Ghost Feet Print Cards



Love these! If you have little ones, they’ll love it too! What types of Halloween cards are you working on?

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Craft Show sneak peek :)


T shirt scarves!!!!!!

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